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Is Physics Our Most Fundamental Level Of Reality?

Physics is a subject that interests me greatly.

We get the English word from the Greek term for ‘nature’ (physis), which makes sense, for physics is the study of the natural world at its most fundamental level.

Perhaps the strangest thing about this particular level of nature is how thoroughly it pervades all the rest.

There are laws of human nature, for instance.

These can be broken.

There are laws of mathematics, too.

These can at least be avoided.

But it seems to me that you can neither break nor avoid the laws of physics. They influence your every movement. They apply to every imaginable scenario.

Is it, then, fair to say that the world of physics is our most fundamental level of reality?

And if so, why is it largely ignored by everyone but scientists and engineers?


*Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson (Creative Commons)


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