Welcome To Act III

Hey there everybody.

We’ve reached the start of Act III, albeit a little later than originally planned. I was in Kenya for a couple of weeks and have been slowly working my way through the inbox (among other things) since being back.

Anyways, before we get into this week’s topic (Memory), I wanted to briefly mention a few new changes in store for Act III:

-First, we’ll be welcoming a new regular contributor. His name is Christopher and he runs a cool blog which can be found here. Check back over the next couple of days for his first post.

(Also, if friendliness is your thing, feel free to leave him a comment below welcoming him to the PFC community.)

-Second, we’ll be switching from one topic per week to one topic every two weeks. The main reason is that I’d like to keep upping the quality of the posts while still being able to write a few different kinds of posts for each topic.

That was already a big enough challenge prior to last month, when I started working on the future New York Times-bestselling memoir, Killer Bumble Bees Vs. Woolly Mammoths: A First Person Account. Coming to a Borders near you in 2035.

-Lastly, well… I’m pretty sure there was something else on this list but for the time being I seem to have forgotten it.

Oh well. Back to Bees Vs. Mammoths…


*Photo Credit: Peter Kemmer (Creative Commons)

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